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We are here to discuss and decide if and what is fake.

Fake (plural fakes)

  1. Something which is not genuine, or is presented fraudulently.I suspect this passport is a fake.
  2. (sports) A move meant to deceive an opposing player, used for gaining advantage for example when dribbling an opponent.
  3. (archaic) A trick; a swindle

Fake (noun) is one that is not what it purports to be: such as

a: a worthless imitation passed off as genuine

The signature was a fake.


He told everyone that he was a lawyer, but he was just a fake.

c: a simulated movement in a sports contest (such as a pretended kick, pass, or jump or a quick movement in one direction before going in another) designed to deceive an opponent

d: a device or apparatus used by a magician to achieve the illusion of magic in a trick

  • And by the end of the day, who decides what is fake?

Is fake meaning not genuine? What is genuine? Who decides that?

Let’s think for a moment of an unknown branded type of sports shoe, that has a similarity with a very well-known brand. Is the newer brand fake, just because it has a similar name and shape, or it is a different one with similar characteristics?

Let’s elaborate!